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August 29, 2005

The Funky Stork

My son was born a little over a year ago. During the entire pregnancy, I was searching for resources for expecting fathers, something that really spoke to me about my role in the pregnancy and how to prepare for fatherhood. My best resource, it turned out, was other fathers whom I respected. But it was still nice to find a few books and websites that helped in preparing me. The site linked below isn't one that I used, but it seems to compile some of the basic information that I gathered in other places. I still haven't found the "perfect" book or website resource for expecting fathers. Got any?

The Funky Stork

Posted by Russell at August 29, 2005 06:43 AM


Yeah - Brand New Dad -

Posted by: Bob at October 17, 2005 03:38 PM

I've been to both brandnewdad and and others, but personally, I liked the best.

Posted by: Glen at November 28, 2005 08:15 PM

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