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August 23, 2005

Male, Pro-Feminist...Pro-Life

One thing I often lament about living in a liberal community is the opportunity to communicate with those on the more conservative end of the scale. I have sought out and had some opportunities to have some thought-provoking conversations with folks on the right. Usually, though, what I've heard from the right are simple, easily-thrown-about quotes: homosexuality is "bad" because the bible says so; to speak against the war is tantamount to treason; etc. Of course, I have also had conversations with folks on the left who spit out nice bits of quotes, but don't seem to have thought about them very deeply and appear to be parroting what they've heard from friends.

This is a long intro to an entry in the blog of gender studies professor Hugo Schwyzer. He is not, as far as I can tell, a conversative. But, he is well as pro-feminist. And, what he gives in this entry is a well-considered and intelligent piece on reconciling the two. His main point is that, at its core, the issue of abortion is also a man's issue.

Read the entry: Feminists for Life, men and abortion

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