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August 31, 2005

What Make People Gay?

An interesting article about the current research into the nature of sexual orientation...a long debated issue. Current research is pointing more and more to a genetic connection.

Article: via The Boston Globe - What Make People Gay?

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August 30, 2005

Golf - A Man's Sport

Some thoughts on why golf is so predominately watched and played by men. Is it a remnant of the days of exclusive male clubs or a cultural way of exhibiting male privilege (the guys hitting the links after work)? Nope, the speculation here is - it's a bunch of hunters converging on a target and throwing things at it.

Article: via New York Times (may require registration) - The Golf Gene

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August 29, 2005

The Funky Stork

My son was born a little over a year ago. During the entire pregnancy, I was searching for resources for expecting fathers, something that really spoke to me about my role in the pregnancy and how to prepare for fatherhood. My best resource, it turned out, was other fathers whom I respected. But it was still nice to find a few books and websites that helped in preparing me. The site linked below isn't one that I used, but it seems to compile some of the basic information that I gathered in other places. I still haven't found the "perfect" book or website resource for expecting fathers. Got any?

The Funky Stork

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August 26, 2005

Men and Domestic Violence

Earlier this week, I posted a link to the weblog of Hugo Schwyzer. Here is another post that I thought was very interesting - he went "head-to-head" with some father's rights folks on a panel that followed a documentary about domestic violence. I really like his thoughts on this issue - especially around the very controversial issue of men as victims of domestic violence.

Read the entry: Men, Rage and Statistics

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August 25, 2005

Book: Same Difference

I thought I would occasionally put up links to interesting books, whether or not I've read them. I have not read the book below, but it seems to have an interesting premise - it is not gender differences that has hurt the relationship between men and women, it is power.

Have you read this book? Let us know through the comment section. Interesting in learning about this book, check the link below for a comprehensive overview.

Same Difference: How Gender Myths Are Hurting Our Relationships

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August 24, 2005

The View of Child-Support From the Other Side

Unless we ourselves are embroiled in a child-custody or child-support payment battle, we often only read about the statistics or the generalizations about these issues. Below is a link to the blog of a woman who is struggling with getting child-support payments and trying to understand the male's side of the issue. It's only one story, but if you read some (or all, if you have the time) of the comments that follow from readers, you get a good discussion of this difficult issue.

Link to Entry: at Alas, a blog - Child Support and Male Entitlement

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August 23, 2005

Male, Pro-Feminist...Pro-Life

One thing I often lament about living in a liberal community is the opportunity to communicate with those on the more conservative end of the scale. I have sought out and had some opportunities to have some thought-provoking conversations with folks on the right. Usually, though, what I've heard from the right are simple, easily-thrown-about quotes: homosexuality is "bad" because the bible says so; to speak against the war is tantamount to treason; etc. Of course, I have also had conversations with folks on the left who spit out nice bits of quotes, but don't seem to have thought about them very deeply and appear to be parroting what they've heard from friends.

This is a long intro to an entry in the blog of gender studies professor Hugo Schwyzer. He is not, as far as I can tell, a conversative. But, he is well as pro-feminist. And, what he gives in this entry is a well-considered and intelligent piece on reconciling the two. His main point is that, at its core, the issue of abortion is also a man's issue.

Read the entry: Feminists for Life, men and abortion

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August 22, 2005

Macho Makes Macho

Back from Summer vacation, we are happy to see that our theory that links homophobia to those who don't feel secure in their masculinity is confirmed. But then to also link this to support for the Iraq war and to buying SUVs...confirmation that those secure in their masculinity don't have to shout or threaten others about it. Read about the study below.

Article: via Cornell University News Service - Men Overcompensate When Masculinity Threatened

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August 12, 2005

Blog Vacation

The Uncommon Man will be on vacation for a week...sun-worshipping and such...

In the meantime, if you have any feedback about the site or have anything that you think would go well on this site, please email Russell at rbcarlin(at)

Keep cool...

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Feminist - Can Men Be One?

A female feminist activist in South Asia offers an answer to the question of men as feminist? Do you want to end all forms of oppression, including sexism? She says, join us...

Article: via xyonline - Can Men Be The Allies of Feminism?

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August 11, 2005

Sexual Revolutions, Gender Roles, and Contraceptives

The Pill started of the Sexual Revolution. Before the S.R. men were responsible to buy condoms. Then birth control put the responsbility into women's hands(and ultimately control of their bodies). Now, the possiblity of a male pill is on the horizon. Will men use it and be willing to alter their bodies? Will women want to give up control of the possibility of their getting pregnant? Will the Male Pill start another sexual revolution? Stay tuned....and read the article below.

Article: via Science and Spirit - A Better Pill to Swallow?

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August 10, 2005

Prejudice in the Gay Community?

Often we have to deal with the ways that others define aspects of ourselves. For instance, I have a colleague who talks about his being bothered by the way that mainstream manhood has been defined by those men who act "tough" or use violence - that isn't him. The issue of "definition" can be exacerbated in groups of people who are marginalized, because the power of prejudice from the mainstream can be so pervasive. In the article below, in a similar way to my colleague's concern about the definition of manhood, what about those within a marginalized community who feel that their community's public "face" may not define them?

Article: via VoiceMale - Pride (Marches) and Prejudice

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August 09, 2005

Women Senators Send Letter to Bush

In an effort to have women's voices be part of the "New" Iraq, at the time that its foundations are being built, there are more and more voices speaking up about women's voices being left out. Including our own limited number of female senators:

Article: via Feminist Daily News - Women Senators Call on Bush to Push for Women's Rights in Iraqi Constitution

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August 08, 2005

Fatherhood in a Mommy Culture

There seems to be a bit of a run on articles and discussions about Fatherhood. Below is a nice article looking at problems of adhering to the stereotypical roles of male/female as well as father/mother. And, that the bottom-line should be - what benefits the children?

What About Dad?

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August 05, 2005

Reality TV Meets Stay-At-Home Fathers

I should have seen this coming - a reality TV series called Meet Mister Mom. The idea is to feature a family each week in which the father is suddenly plunked down in the "house-husband" role (Ooo, shocking!). The interesting thing about this is the timing of the show's premiere with all of the internet/blog buzz about stay-at-home-dads (now dubbed SAHD) which is also the focus of yesterday's posting on this site. It is fascinating how much the idea of a SAHD and the issues related to it cause such a controversy. There is the ongoing comment discussion at the site I referenced yesterday - Half-Changed World. There is the comment to yesterday's posting from someone in Nigeria (click on comments on August 4th's posting), and outspoken father's rights bullhorn Glenn Sacks' attempt to have "Meet Mister Mom" pulled from the airwaves by NBC (the link to his site should not, at all, be considered an endorsement).

Below is a review of "Meet Mister Mom".

Article: via Hollywood Reporter - Meet Mister Mom

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August 04, 2005

Full-Time Father

I surf a lot of blogs about parenting (mostly because I am a relatively new father - one year, thank you). And, this article and the focus of this article, stay-at-home-dad Michael Paranzino, has generated a lot of discussion. Mr. Paranzino has become a mini-celebrity - showing up on CBS' Early Show yesterday morning. Everyone praises his being a stay-at-home-father. But it's his belief that as a stay-at-home-father, he should only focus on his children and not the house-work. This has brought on a lot of discussion and claims of sexism (since stay-at-home-moms were always expected to do house-work. And, why is it always women, whether they are the bread-winner or not, who are assigned house-work).

You can check-out the USA Today article linked below and you can check out some of the blog discussions at Rebel Dad (August 3rd and 4th posts)and at Half Changed World.

Article: via USA Today - Daddy's Home to Stay

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August 03, 2005

Gender and Science - Pinker vs. Spelke

This past January, the president of Harvard University - Lawrence Summers - made a now famous comment about women and the sciences. He received a lot of negative criticism for this - rightfully. In April, Harvard's Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative held a debate on the public response to this incident. The debate is between Harvard University professor and author, Steven Pinker, and Harvard University professor, Elizabeth Spelke. The link below will connect you to the text of the debate as well as audio and video links. It is a long (so long that I haven't finished it yet) and very interesting. Well, worth your time.

Article: via Edge - The Science of Gender and Science

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August 02, 2005

Test Your Gaydar

One of the goals of this site is to inform people of the goings-on out in the nether-regions of the internet regarding issues of being a man. Now, here is something that purports to be a kind of game - look at a series of paired photos of people and guess who is gay. Is this all just fun? Or is it really testing your prejudice?

Check it out at: How's Your Gaydar?

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August 01, 2005

Oppression of Iraqi Women

A story that isn't being told too publicly about the situation in Iraq is that while Democracy is "flowering" in Iraq, the oppresion of women is increasing - a brutal, ugly oppression.

Article: via openDemocracy - Iraq's War on Women

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