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July 16, 2005

Worldwide - Fathers Are More Involved...And Oh Yeah, Why Men Have Nipples

A brief article that gives the results of a world-wide study on father involvement with their children. World-wide there has been substantial increases in various countries (U.S. fathers in the 90's were parenting 55% - 70% as much as mothers - up from 25% in the 60's). The "winner" of the best fathering culture - the AKA Pygmies from the Northern Congo. And, they use their nipples to sooth their babies. Well, this may answer the long-considered question - "what are they for?" but, let's see if that ignites a new trend amongst U.S. and European fathers...

Article: via Father's Direct - Worldwide Study Heralds Global Increase in Father Involvement and Reveals Why Men Have Nipples

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