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Training of Trainers, Liberia
February 2007

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Leadership Training Documents:

Springfield Training and Practicum
Information page
Registration Form (PDF file)

Liberia Training and Consultation
Liberia blog entries
Case Study and Promising Practices: Male Involvement Project

Nigeria Training and Consultation (Ebonyi Men's Resource Centre)
Nigeria Training Report
Nigeria blog
Training Information
Ebonyi Men's Centre
DOVENET (Daughters of Virtue and Empowerment)
U.S. Study and Speaking Tour with Chief Mrs. Ugo Nnachi

Zambia Training and Consultation
Zambia Training Report (PDF file)
Zambia blog entries (scroll through June blog for Zambia entries)
Slideshow of Zambia photos
Zambia Men's Network

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MRI Documents:
Beliefs About Men (PDF file)
The Journey to Healthy Manhood (PDF file)
Why a Men's Center (PDF file)
Refusing To Be A Man (PDF file)
Obstacles to Reaching Men (PDF file)
Strategies for Reaching Men (PDF file)
Model of Change (PDF file)
Guiding Men Along the Stages of Change (PDF file)
Men Showing Up (PDF file)

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July 14, 2007
Men's Leadership Taining to Focus on Ending Violence (PDF file)
March 7, 2007
MRI to Host Nigerian Chief and Women's Activist (PDF file)
October 23, 2006
Springfield Men's Group Receives $100,000 Donation (PDF file)
July 11, 2006
Local Men’s Group Conducts Gender Sensitivity Training in Zambia (PDF file)

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Articles, Essays, Reports, and Publications

Addressing Gender-based Violence through USAID's Health Programs (PDF file)

Boys for Change: Moving Towards Gender Equality (PDF file)
Compiled by Ravi Karkara for Save the Children Sweden, 2007

A case study of Save the Children's work in several countries to engage men and boys in ending violence.

Engaging boys and men to empower girls: Reflections from practice and evidence of impact (PDF file)
Prepared by Gary Barker

Engaging men and boys in changing gender-based inequity in health: Evidence from programme interventions (PDF file)
by Gary Barker, Christine Ricardo and Marcos Nascimento
World Health Organization

Ending Men's Violence

Ending Violence Against Women: from Words to Action, Study Of The Secretary-General, 9 October 2006

Expert Meeting on the Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence: Report (PDF file), 2-3 May 2007, Geneva, Switzerland. World Health Organization; Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability, Department of Gender, Women and Health

As part of the Global Campaign for Violence Prevention, WHO is giving increased attention to the primary prevention of intimate partner violence and sexual violence. As a first step, and to assist WHO determine how it can best promote evidence-based policy options in this field, an expert consultation was held in April 2007. This consultation convened international experts and WHO staff from several departments to take stock of existing global evidence related to the primary prevention of intimate partner violence and sexual violence; to identify the next steps for WHO in this area, and to inform the outline and content of a technical guide on the prevention of intimate partner and sexual violence. (Section on working with men and boys, pp 6-7.)

Gender Equality and Men

Harmful Traditional and Cultural Practices Related to Violence Against Women and Successful Strategies to Eliminate Such Practices -- Working with Men
by Dr Michael Flood (PDF file)

Involving Men to Address Gender Inequities (PDF file)

Men as Partners (PDF file)

The Men's Bibliography
A comprehensive listing of over 17,000 resources compiled by Dr. Michael Flood.

Men's Role in Violence Against Women

Progress in the implementation of the agreed conclusions on the role of men and boys in achieving gender equalityInteractive dialogue -- Fifty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women (PDF file)

Promoting a New Vision of Masculinity

Reaching Men to Improve Reproductive Health

The Role of Men & Boys in Achieving Gender Equity

Supporting Boys' Resilience (PDF file)

Toolkit for Working with Men and Boys

Voice Male Magazine

Women, Gender & Disaster: Men & Masculinities (PDF file)

xy: men, masculinities and gender politics
A valuable site containing links to the Men's Bibilography of over 17,000 titles (see separate listing above), a list of relevant articles, and a list of over 600 links and online resources, all of which were compiled by Dr. Michael Flood.

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American Men’s Studies Association
Coaching boys into Men
Dads and Daughters
European Men Pro-feminist Network
Family Violence Prevention Fund
Founding Fathers
Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project
Gloucester Men Against Domestic Violence
Institute on DV in the African American Community
International Society for Men’s Health and Gender
Male Survivor
Men Against Sexual Assault
Men Can Stop Rape
Men Ending Violence
Men for Change
Men Stopping Rape
Men Stopping Violence
Men’s Health Network
Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe Inc
Men’s Resource Center for Change
Men’s Resources International
The Men’s Story Project
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
Movement of Men Against AIDS in Kenya (MMAAK)
MVP Strategies
National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of DV
National Network to End DV
National Organization for Men Against Sexism
Instituto Promundo
Sonke Gender Justice Network
Twin Cities Men’s Center
White Ribbon Campaign

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