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Steven Botkin with Ebonyi Men's Network
March 2007


Whether you're a single committed individual, a grass roots organization, or a multi-national NGO, MRI can help you develop your organization and its effectiveness.


  • Staff training for organizations seeking to increase male involvement
  • Leadership training for community organizers
  • Training of trainers to deliver awareness and outreach programs
  • Awareness-raising for political and community leaders


  • Development of male involvement projects within existing organizations
  • Creation of community-based men's initiatives
  • Facilitation of collaboration between women's and men's programs
  • Design and implementation of awareness campaigns


  • International web-based communication forums
  • Men's network meetings, roundtables and conferences
  • Study and speaking tours for emerging leaders
  • Coordinated inter-organizational initiatives

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Read about our current, past and ongoing initiatives across the U.S. and around the world.

United States | Africa | Other Areas

United States

  • Springfield, Massachusetts
    MRI offers a 3-day professional development workshop on June 21 – 23, 2007  — Men's Leadership Training & Practicum: Preventing Violence and Promoting Positive Masculinity. Read more.

  • Western Massachusetts
    March 9  – 14, 2007: Study and speaking tour for Chief Mrs. Ugo Nnachi, Executive Director of DOVENET (a Nigerian's women's organization) and Founder of the Ebonyi Men's Resource Centre. MRI was proud to sponsor Chief Mrs. Ugo Nnachi to attend the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women. Following the conference, MRI hosted Mrs. Nnachi in western Massachusetts for a study and speaking tour of local colleges, social service organizations, and community centers, where she shared stories of her pioneering initiative to organize men as allies in Nigeria.

    To learn more about Chief Nnachi, MRI's collaboration with DOVENET, and the Ebonyi Men's Resource Centre, read MRI's Nigeria Report (PDF File).

  • Texas
    MRI provides ongoing strategic guidance and technical support to the Men's Resource Center of South Texas (MTC-STX). Recent collaborations include the development of custom training itineraries and materials for the MRC-STX.

  • National and Regional Conferences and Round Tables
    MRI leads and/or participates in numerous national and regional conferences, round tables and networking forums.


  • Liberia
    MRI partners with International Rescue Committee for Male Involvement Program
    Men's Resources International (MRI) has partnered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to help IRC-Liberia lay the foundation for their Male Involvement: Part of the Solution project as part of their Gender-Based Violence Program. The initial stage of this ongoing collaboration consisted of two in-country visits and off-site technical support. Read more.

  • Nigeria
    Nigeria Training and Consultation (Ebonyi Men's Resource Centre)
    In November of 2006, James Arana and Steven Botkin of Men's Resources International traveled to Ebonyi State in Nigeria to provide 10 days of training and consultations for the development of the Ebonyi Men's Resource Center. The event was hosted by DOVENET, a woman's safety and empowerment organization, directed by Chief Ugo Nnachi. In addition to men and women from Nigeria, participants included delegates from the Zambia Men's Network and the Rwanda Men's Centre. Read more.

  • Rwanda
    MRI and the Rwanda Men's Centre are actively seeking funding to support onsite training for the leaders and members of the Rwanda Men's Centre. The MRI training and consultations, tentatively (and optimistically) scheduled for September 2007, will provide training, coaching, materials, and technical assistance to help this promising grass-roots organization grow in size and effectiveness and to connect with other like-minded men's and women's organizations. Read more.

  • Zambia
    Zambia Training and Consultation
    On June 6. 2006, Steven Botkin and James Arana of Men's Resources International traveled to Lusaka, Zambia in the southern part of Africa to conduct a Men's Leadership Training for the Zambia Men's Network. The event was hosted by the Zambia YWCA and was funded by private U.S. donors. Read more.

Other Areas

  • MRI participated in the Violence Prevention Alliance of the World Health Organization in Brussels.
  • MRI has conducted workshops with visiting student groups from Pakistan and Bolivia.

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