Mens Training, Mens Support Group, Violence Prevention, Gender Equality

International Women's Day celebration - Abakaliki, Nigeria
CARE International - Niger staff training
Women's and Men's Action Groups - Liberia
Training for Rwanda Men's Resource Centre
Women's Peacemakers Program men's training
South Asia Regional Workshop
Men As Allies training - United States
Albania allies
In Albania with the UN. Joining together as allies for gender equality and domestic violence prevention - from the United Kingdom, the United States, Albania, and Norway.
Concern Worldwide in Liberia


CARE Myanmar - Developing a Strategy for Engaging Men to Prevent Gender-Based Violence Against Sex Workers and Migrant Women

CARE Myanmar - Training of Trainers to Engage Men as Partners with Women for Gender Equality and GBV Prevention

Concern Worldwide in Lebanon: Trainer Handbook Development and Remote Trainer Coaching

Men of Color Health Awareness (MOCHA) at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA


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Mens Violence Prevention

Mens Support Network
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